Alice & Co Patterns: Our Book

Want to learn how to draft your own patterns from scratch? Buy our book 'Pattern Making Templates for Skirts and Dresses'. To purchase and get 20% off + free postage click here to order direct from our publisher’s website and enter code DD81 at checkout.   



"This has to be the best book on patternmaking I have ever read! Easy to understand and follow, to enable you to make all the skirts and dresses in the book. The authors explain the concept of making just one block, from which you can use to make all the other designs. To make it even easier the blocks are downloadable, 2 are available, standard or full busted. For each design there are instructions on how to alter your block to make the desired item. I can’t tell you how delighted I am with this book. It has helped overcome lots of fitting issues for me, and is a wealth of information. Well worth the 5 stars."

"read this book it helped me to draw my own skirt pattern for the first time."

"When I first started reading this book I thought it would be the same as other sewing books, but how wrong was I. All through there are boxes with very helpful tips. There's a chapter talking about blocks and how to download them and getting to know about them. There's a explanation about the keys in the diagram and what they mean which is the best part for me as I struggle to understand them in a normal pattern. And even when you get to the back there's a solutions page if you don't get things right. All in all a very useful informative book."