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Behind The Seams Session 2: The Middle Ages - ON DEMAND

Behind The Seams Session 2: The Middle Ages - ON DEMAND

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In our second BEHIND THE SEAMS session we comb through illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and paintings to uncover the development of the shaped gowns and kirtles of the Medieval and Byzantine periods. We look at how the so-called ‘dark ages’ were actually full of rich colours, sumptuous silks and glittering cloth-of-gold, all trimmed with jewelled embroidery and fur. Expect extravagant sleeves, impressive cloaks and chic jerkins.


  • Access to recording of x1 live class (2hrs)
  • PDF companion covering all the pattern-cutting techniques demonstrated in the class
  • Mini-blocks pdfs to follow along with the tutorials and practice your own designs 
  • Multi-size croquis pdfs as a drawing aid for your designs 
  • Access to the private online community (hosted on Mighty Networks) where you can ask questions, share your creations and meet like-minded makers from all over the world
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