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Alice & Co Patterns A LITTLE BOOK OF SEWING TIPS is a collection of sewing wisdoms gathered together from across our pattern collection.

"The aim of the book is to give you useful tips, rather than burden you with rules and regulations. In sewing there are always many ways to get from A to B; we advocate taking each garment individually and responding to the fabric and design, but sometimes it's just a case of how much time we have left to finish it before we need to leave for the party!"

The book is designed with generous margins and pages for notes so you can add your own methods and musings as you progress on your sewing journey. 

Together with our expert graphic designer Rosamund Saunders we have come up with a nifty way for printing and assembling the book at home - making it a lovely gift - for yourself or a sewing friend! 

We like to think it might become your own personal sewing companion: a place to journal your own sewing, to keep for yourself and to pass on to others in the years to come. 


- The book is available to print-at-home in either A4 or US Letter sized paper.

- There are instructions on the first page of the book to explain how to put the book together: the book is designed to be printed on single pages, which fold together and are hole punched and threaded through with ribbon or string to make the book!

- Because of the unique construction of the book you can sew along the bottom of the pages to turn them into pockets - perfect for storing any samples or additional notes!

- Notes pages are un-numbered so you can print as many as you like and keep adding to the book.

- Your download will also include a separate pdf with a cover label, in case you want to make a hard cover for your little book.


- Download: when you purchase the book you will receive a link to a download a zip file containing x2 pdfs for the book itself and additional label. The link will also be sent the email address you used to purchase the book.

- Pages: the book is comprised of 19 single sheets, optimised for either A4 or US Letter size paper. 

- Printing: we recommend selecting the 'print-to-fit' option or similar for this book - it's always a good idea to print a test page first to check what settings work best for you

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How to download your Alice & Co Pattern

Alice & Co patterns are provided in three different page formats and are designed to be printed in colour.

Once you have purchased your pattern you will be given a download link. This will also be emailed to you so don't worry if you don't want to download it straight away! 

The download will consist of a zip file containing 4 separate PDF files:

1x Pattern Instructions
3x Patterns in A0, A4 and US Letter sizes  

*Please make sure you read the following instructions carefully before printing!*

For A4/US Letter: it is vital to make sure your pattern prints at full scale or the sizing will not be correct. Your print settings should be set to 'full scale', '100%', 'actual size' or equivalent according to your printer software.

There are two test squares on the first page of every pattern: a 5cm and a 2" square.

Print only this page first and check your square measures up, before printing the rest of the pattern.

For A0 copy shop: follow the instructions given by your chosen copy shop. Services are also available online - we recommend Patternsy - who print on lightweight tissue paper with very speedy delivery to anywhere in the world! Once you have purchased your pattern from us, simply click on the link above to go to their website and follow the steps to upload your pattern. 


Comment télécharger votre patron Alice & Co Pattern

Les patrons d'Alice & Co patterns sont fournis dans trois formats de page différents et sont conçus pour être imprimés en couleur.

Une fois que vous aurez acheté votre patron, vous obtiendrez un lien de téléchargement. Celui-ci vous sera également envoyé par e-mail, donc ne vous inquiétez pas si vous ne souhaitez pas le télécharger immédiatement !

Le téléchargement consistera en un fichier zip contenant 4 fichiers PDF distincts :

1x Instructions pour le patron

3x Patrons dans les formats A0, A4 et US Letter  

*Lisez attentivement les instructions qui suivent avant d’imprimer votre patron !*

POUR LES FORMATS A4 / US LETTER : il est indispensable d’imprimer votre patron à 100%, sinon la taille ne sera pas correcte. Vos paramètres d'impression doivent être "pleine échelle" "100%", "taille réelle" ou un paramètre équivalent selon votre logiciel d'impression.

Il y a deux carrés de test sur la première page de chaque patron : un carré de 5 cm et un carré de 2 pouces. N'imprimez d'abord que cette page et vérifiez que votre carré est bien à la bonne taille, avant d'imprimer le reste du patron.

POUR LE FORMAT A0 : suivez les instructions données par votre imprimeur. Des services sont également disponibles en ligne.

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